Exfoliating Glove

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Kitsch Eco-Friendly Exfoliating Glove is the perfect body scrubber to exfoliate your way to glowing skin! This convenient mitt massages & detoxifies the skin, helping to improve circulation and stimulate skin cell renewal. Leave the shower feeling reinvigorated & refreshed with this skin care must-have! 

Helps improve skin tone & texture

Helps prevent ingrown hairs & prepares skin for shaving

Softens rough areas and promotes fresh, smooth & radiant skin

Glove shape lets you easily massage the skin, gliding over hard-to-reach areas

Regular exfoliation promotes better absorption of skincare products for increased benefits and may reduce the appearance of cellulite

Plant-based rayon material is perfectly textured to gently remove dry, dead skin cells and improve circulation for healthy skin 

One size fits most

*Hand wash cold (do not bleach), line dry (do not iron)

Exfoliating Glove