Bath Salts + Glow Oil

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Transform bath time into an exotic Egyptian excursion down the Nile with this therapeutic bath salt. A calming essential oil blend of lavender, chamomile, orange, and clary sage relaxes the senses, while coconut oil profoundly nourishes dry skin. Sink into this floral soak to detox skin, soothe muscles, unwind your mind and leave skin soft and refreshed.

Get a vibrant glow and restore luster to dry skin with The Lavender Rose Glow Oil. This gentle oil blend is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals, leaving skin soft and supple. Pomegranate seed oil visibly reduces signs of aging, while squalene amplifies collagen production for bouncy, flexible skin. Massage this product into every inch of of your body for maximum long-lasting moisture. Brighten skin and restore a youthful radiance with this powerful body oil.

Bundled together to provide optimum nutrients to the skin and elevate your bathing experience.

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