Why is planet-friendly skin care so important?

earth friendly skin care

One planet Earth, everything is connected. 

Your plastic bottle of lotion may not be as innocent as it seems. The beauty industry, especially in the United States, unfortunately, lacks enforced regulation around what goes into products and how products are made. Many mainstream beauty and skincare products are full of toxic ingredients and come in wasteful packaging that ends up in landfills and the ocean. 

You can make a a difference with each small choice you make, though. When purchasing beauty products, there are so many different factors to consider when determining whether or not a product is "sustainable". For skincare, two of the biggest factors you should look into are the ingredients AND the packaging. Both should be non-harmful to our planet. 

The same toxic beauty ingredients that leak into waterways and in the soil, can also make an impact on your body when you use non-sustainable products. Sustainable skincare products are typically made with ingredients that are better for you and the planet. 

green beauty skin care

Sustainability is a big deal right now and truthfully, it should be. We only have one Earth and we want it to last for our children and children's children. People are switching to sustainable products and practices because of increased awareness of the global impact we, as humans, are leaving on our planet. 

Did you know that you don't need harsh and harmful chemicals to achieve healthy, glowing skin? There is an ethical alternative to nearly every beauty product on the market. It's time to go green in your cosmetic routine! Check out some reasons why.

A clean environment

Environment-friendly beauty products are safer for the planet by considering each step from formulation to production to reduce negative environmental impact. Beauty products using organic materials reduces the toxic pesticides and chemicals released into the soil, water, and air after production. This means that you get the benefits of the products along with the peace of mind that you aren't harming the environment. 

Many petrochemical products, like mineral oil, present a low level of toxicity to users. When inhaled, such products have been shown to be allergens and some studies suggest they could even cause cancer. 

Increases corporate responsibility 

Sustainability doesn't just mean packaging made out of recycled plastic bags. It usually means that a company has deliberately made an effort to practice certain behaviors. For instance, Cashmere Moon receives a boatload of cardboard weekly from various manufacturers when they ship jars or ingredients. Instead of trashing them, the brand chooses to recycle them. 

Brands can also incorporate biodegradable or recyclable packaging. This means your products are packaged in containers with little to no amount of plastic. For instance, Cashmere Moon uses glass and recyclable boxes to package their items. On top of that, they only ship in recyclable cardboard boxes using biodegradable packing peanuts. 

Holding companies accountable and making them realize that sustainability is important is the only way to ensure our ecosystem will thrive for many years to come. As an ethical consumer, you care about more than the impact on yourself and your family; therefore, you want products that reflect those values. 

Eco-conscious brands that are creating these products care about more than just making a quick buck. They understand that the products they create can negatively or positively impact both their customers and the environment. Reducing the impact on the environment is ALWAYS a good thing. 

earth friendly shopping bag

Better for you skin

High-quality sustainable skincare products are made from ingredients that have been minimally processed, denatured, or chemically altered. Basically, the closer an ingredient is to its natural form, the better it is for your skin. Less processed ingredients = cleaner for your skin and the environment. 

All Cashmere Moon products are made of high-quality, planet-based ingredients to provide optimum nutrients to your skin.

Building a sustainable skincare routine doesn't have to be overwhelming. This is an opportunity to do good for yourself and the planet.