The Ultimate Winter Skin Care Routine

Let's face it - Winter can be such a beautiful season with pure white snowflakes, cozy fires in the fireplace, and holiday festivities. But winter brings with it cold, dry air that can easily irritate your skin. Thankfully, there are many ways to successfully beat off dry winter skin and keep your skin smooth all season long. 

We'll cover some Dermatologist-approved skincare tips that you should implement.

1. Moisturize Frequently. Choose thicker creams over lighter lotions - the thicker, the better. Cashmere Moon's selection of body creams have a high concentration of shea butter but glides on easily and absorbs quickly. Check out their selection here.

2. Switch to hydrating cleansers. During these cold months, try to avoid any cleansers that leave you 'squeaky clean' as it is likely to strip the skin of natural moisture. Check out this collection of vegan, natural cleansers here

3. Limit hot showers. This is a hard one if you love scolding showers like me but hot water will further dry out your skin. Try to limit showers to 15 minutes and use lukewarm water.

4. Exfoliate. Light exfoliation is still great to remove dry, dead skin and expose healthy new skin. Try this selection of exfoliants

5. Hydrate. As we say in the military, "Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!" Hydrating with water throughout the day helps to nourish skin from within and rid it from toxins. Reducing your alcohol and caffeine intake with also help keep skin moisturized since alcohol and caffeine actually dehydrate skin. Pro tip: Humidifiers at night can help regulate moisture levels in your home and combat dryness, promoting a dewy complexion.

6. Lip Balm. Lips can't really be protected by clothes during the winter months like our arms and legs can. So help them brave those cold winds by keeping them chapped with natural moisturizers throughout the day. Check out this amazing selection of lip balms here.


~ Sending you peace and dewy skin all winter! 

From your friends at Cashmere Moon