Dry Brushing 101

exfoliating dry brush
Dry brushing is a unique process in which you take a dry body brush and gently scrub skin from head to toe. Beauty connoisseurs have used this therapeutic ritual for centuries to lift dead skin cells, melt away cellulite, encourage circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and promote a healthy, vibrant glow.
The process of dry brushing is not as simple as randomly rubbing an exfoliating brush across your skin. Dry brushing should be therapeutic, reflective, and a time to connect with every inch of your skin. 
While it is safe to practice dry body brushing daily, it's definitely not recommended. The last thing you want to do is over-brush and negate all the good stuff you're doing for your skin. Once or twice a week should be sufficient enough to see and feel results.
Add this beauty ritual to your weekly routine and watch your skin transform. 
Happy Scrubbing!