Cashmere Moon believes body care can be effective, vegan, and sustainable.
Providing trusted products to help enhance the health of the skin, Cashmere Moon has shown body care can be effective, vegan, and cruelty-free - not to mention sustainable! Proudly founded in Georgia, USA, Cashmere Moon has helped numerous people with dry skin and can be purchased in countries all around the world. 
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"So we started Cashmere Moon and it's just been, honestly, it's just been a great ride since we launched in June of 2021.""
Veteran-Founded Beauty Brand Cashmere Moon Nourishes Both the Skin and the Soul
Well + Good
"They also secured a partnership with a major retailer placing their products in more than 600 stores all over North America. "
Beauty Brand Cashmere Moon Lands Retail Deal
Digital Journal
"The products focus on body care, and I want to make sure that people realize that self-care and body care is just as important as your daily facial skincare routine."
How An Air Force Veteran Got Into Body Care And Landed The Brand Cashmere Moon At J.C. Penney
Beauty Independent
"In starting any business, it’s so rewarding to start it from nothing and watch it blossom. To see that you make or provide something that others find value in. It’s just so rewarding."
Cashmere Moon Is Perfect For Your Skin & The Environment
"Everyone needs a lightweight, hydrating hand cream that won’t leave skin feeling greasy or sticky. Cashmere Moon’s combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera, and shea butter help lighten, brighten, and tighten skin. This is a great option for those with sensitive skin, as it contains natural ingredients and is unscented."
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Dermatology Times
"As an Air Force veteran with an MBA, she had both the business acumen and the discipline to make the business successful. Now, you can buy her creams and oils across the country and online."
"The condition of your hands is often a telltale sign of your age, so whip your hands into shape with Cashmere Moon’s hydrating hand cream. The lightweight formula won’t leave your palms greasy, but will help heal cracked cuticles and knuckles thanks to the inclusion of moisturizing aloe vera and shea butter."
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"Shea butter and cocoa seed butter give this formula its lusciously whipped texture; the peppermint and eucalyptus scent makes it feel unmistakably spa-like"
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Air Force veteran and mom start Clean Beauty brand Cashmere Moon
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"When Air Force veteran Tisha Ayers was pregnant, she searched for a skincare solution with clean ingredients. Dissatisfied with the options, she created her own."
Spotlight: Air Force Veteran and Mom Starts Clean Beauty Brand Cashmere Moon
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"The most important difference is that our customer fav – the Whipped Body Creams, are made with more shea butter than anyone else, leaving skin moisturized and smooth."
Interview with CEO of Cashmere Moon, Tisha Ayers
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"Our initial goal was to provide a natural moisturizer that actually moisturizes with just one application. With so many watered-down, highly fragranced products on the market, we wanted something that would actually do what it needed to do with ingredients that we understood."
Introducing Cashmere Moon, an Indie Beauty + Body Care
Enspire - November 17, 2022
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"Cashmere Moon Is A Beauty Brand That Saves Your Skin And The Earth"
Cashmere Moon Is A Beauty Brand That Saves Your Skin And The Earth
"Experience a phenomenal company known for their iconic vegan body balms. Cashmere Moon creates extraordinary creams that feature an all-natural formulation to really lock in crucial moisture, leaving the skin visibly smooth and supple. "
Spa-at-Home: Cashmere Moon, Epionce + Beauty Done Right
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"Perfect for traveling or just testing out treatments, this stocking stuffer will work wonders on the skin and is easy on the wallet."
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"The beauty industry is heavily saturated but there is only one you. Coming into the industry, I was unsure if we would make a dent. But with our effective products and mix in the fact that there is only one of me, we have definitely been able to make a mark — even if it’s a small one."
Tisha Ayers of Cashmere Moon: Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Modern Beauty Industry
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